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Here are examples of some of the tickets we've helped people with recently, but we can and will help with much, much more and in many other court locations!

St. Charles County - Driving While Revoked
Ballwin  -  Drive w/o Proper License
Webster Groves -    Speeding (84/60)
Crawford County  -  Failure to Yield
Town & Country Municipal Court -    Driving While Intoxicated
Camden County  -  Boating While Intoxicated
O'Fallon -    Speeding (81/40)
Wildwood  -  No Taillight
Crawford County  -  Possession of Marijuana
Creve Coeur -    Driving While Intoxicated
Crawford County  -  Possession of Marijuana
Crawford County -    Minor in Possession (MIP)
Crawford County  -  MIP
O'Fallon  -  Speeding (70/60)
Maryland Heights  -  Expired License
Warren County -    Leaving the Scene
Hannibal -    Red Light Camera
St. Louis County  -  Speeding (82/60)
St Louis County  -  Speeding (82/60)
St Louis County  -  Driving While Intoxicated
St. Charles County  -  Speeding (89/60)
Callaway County  -  Driving While Intoxicated
St Louis County -    Speeding (79/60)
Barton County -    Speeding 80/70
Hazelwood -    Resisting Arrest
Bismarck  -  Speeding (16-19 mph over)
Pulaski County  -  Speeding (85/70)
Odessa -    Possession of Marijuana
St. Louis County -    Speeding (92/60)
Pike County -    Speeding (80/60)
St. Louis County -    Speeding (80/60)
St Louis County -    Improper Lane Use
Bridgeton  -  Speeding (68/45)
Wellston  -  Speeding (16-19 over) 
Phelps County -   Speeding (81/65)
Wildwood  -  No Operator's License
St Louis County -   Speeding (82/60)
Dellwood  -  Careless & Imprudent Driving
Dellwood  -  Driving While Intoxicated/Driving While Revoked
St. Charles County  -  Following Too Close
Foristell  -  Speeding (58/40)
Manchester  -  Speeding (72/50)
St. Charles City -   Expired License
Maryland Heights    Electric Signal Violation
Rock Hill    Speeding (45/30)
Clay County    Speeding (90/70)
Town & Country Municipal Court    Speeding (31-35 over)
Florissant    Driving While Intoxicated
Manchester    Speeding (36/20)
St. Charles County    Driving While Suspended
Normandy    Speeding (88/50)
Glendale    Stop Sign Violation
St. Francois County    Speeding (81/60)
St. Charles County    Speeding (40-45 over)
Warren County    Driving While Suspended
St. Clair County    Driving While Intoxicated
Chesterfield    Speeding (92/60)
St. Charles County    speeding (73/35)
Phelps County    Speeding (85/65)
St Louis County    Refusal
O'Fallon    Excessive Vehicle Noise
Ladue    Speeding (57/35)
Town & Country Municipal Court    Speeding (80/60)
St. Charles County    Driving While Intoxicated
Richmond Heights    Speeding (82/60)
Arnold    Speeding (16-19 over)
St. Charles County Municipal    Speeding (95/60)
Ellisville    No Proof of Insurance
Chesterfield    Possession of Marijuana
Chesterfield    Driving While Suspended
St Louis County    Improper Lane Usage
Jefferson County    Driving While Revoked
Marshall    Speeding (55/45)
Wildwood    Expired License
St. Peters    Driving While Suspended
Kansas City Municipal    Speeding (80/65)
Moscow Mills    Driving While Suspended
St. Charles County    Speeding (92/60)
Pulaski County    Speeding (90/70)
St. Charles County    Driving While Suspended
St. Charles County    Speeding (81/60)
St. Charles County    Speeding (76/60)
Florissant    Seatbelt Violation
St. Charles County    Speeding (80/60)
St. Charles County    Speeding (81/60)
Winfield    Driving While Revoked
Clinton County    No Proof of Insurance
Clinton County    Speeding (100/70)
Bismarck    Speeding (45/30)
St Louis County    Improper Lane Use
St. Charles County    Speeding (20-25 over)
Florissant    Speeding (105/60)
St. Charles County    Driving While Intoxicated
Cottleville    Speeding (74/50) 
Van Buren    Speeding (71/55)
St. Louis City    Speeding (60/35)
Moline Acres    DWS
Jasper County    Speeding (90/70)
Hazelwood    Speeding (82/60)
Moscow Mills    Speeding (78/60)
St. Charles County    Speeding (83/60)
Boone County    Speeding (79/60)
O'Fallon    No Operator's License
Crawford County    Speeding (83/70)
Crawford County    Speeding (70/55)
St. Robert    Speeding (103/70)
Bismarck    Speeding (58/30)
Florissant    Failure To Yield (Accident)
St Louis County    Speeding (82/60)
Hazelwood    No Operator's License
Jefferson County    Speeding (86/65)
Richmond Heights    No Operator's License
Jefferson County    Speeding (81/65)
St. Louis County South    Speeding (75/60)
Boone County    Careless and Imprudent
Ballwin    Speeding (65/40)
St. Charles County    Expungement of Felony
St. James    Speeding (87/70)
Randolph County    Speeding (88/70)
Hazelwood    Speeding (83/60)
St. Charles County    Speeding (82/60)
St. Louis City    Speeding (66/30)
Callaway County    Speeding (85/70)
St. Louis City Circuit Court    Speeding (77/55)
Cottleville    Speeding (91/60)
O'Fallon    Speeding (54/35)
Marion County District 1    Driving While Intoxicated
O'Fallon    Careless and Imprudent (100/60)
Foristell    Speeding (110/70)
Farber    Speeding (60/45)
Sunset Hills    Speeding (47/35)
St. Charles City    No Operator’s License
Montgomery County    Speeding (96/70)
Dardenne Prairie    Speeding (50/35)
Normandy    Speeding (16-19 over)
St. Louis City    Driving While Suspended
Cottleville    Speeding (65/40)
Hannibal    Speeding (57/35)
Cole County    Wrong way on one way
Brentwood    Leaving the Scene
Creve Coeur    Speeding (84/60)
Clark County    Speeding (75/65)
Bel-Ridge    Speeding (46/35)
Sunset Hills    Careless and Imprudent Driving
Chesterfield    Minor in Possession
St Louis County    Probation Revocation
Marion County District 1    Speeding (85/65)
St. Charles County    Driving While Suspended
Licking    Speeding (67/45)