Two-Point Violations in Missouri

Did you get a ticket for any of the charges listed below in Missouri? Each of these are point violations and any one of them will result in 2 points on your record if you don’t hire a Traffic Lawyer to fix it for you.

Everyone in Missouri starts out with zero points on their driving record, and any time they are convicted of a moving violation like the ones below, points are added to their record. If you get 8 points in an 18-month period, your license will be suspended for at least 30 days. If you get 12 points in a 12-month period, your license will be revoked for a year.

Even if you don’t currently have points on your record, you should still hire a Skilled Traffic Lawyer to fix your ticket. If your attorney fixes your ticket, you will avoid getting points on your record and avoid having your insurance rates go up.

You can learn more about the process of getting your ticket fixed here. Our attorney has worked for  a decade on these types of cases and has handled hundreds of tickets for people just like you!

If you received your 2-point ticket along with a DWI, you should check out the information here about the tickets you received and here about the license case that comes along with a DWI.

Our Skilled Traffic Lawyer can help you out. We respond quickly to text and email messages and accept payments online, so we can get everything done without you having to come into our office. Our prices are great, too!

Here's a list of some of the 2 point violations in Missouri:


Aggressive Driving Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Alternate/Counterfeit Insurance ID Cards Ticket in Missouri

Alter Driver License Ticket in Missouri

Attempted DWI (State Only)

Attempted Leave Scene of Accident Ticket in Missouri

Coast with Gears Disengaged Ticket in Missouri

Collide w/Vehicle/Property Ticket in Missouri

Cruising Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only) 

Disobey Emergency Vehicle Ordinance Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only) 

Disobey Funeral Procession Ordinance Ticket in Missouri

Disobey Traffic Device Railroad Ticket in Missouri

Disobey Traffic Control Device Ticket in Missouri

Disobeyed Traffic Officer Ticket in Missouri

Drive w/Child on Lap Ticket in Missouri

Drive Under Min Speed Limit Ticket in Missouri

Drive Motorcycle Between Vehicles Ticket in Missouri

Drive too Fast for Condition Ticket in Missouri

Driver’s View Obstructed Ticket in Missouri

Driving Across Fire Hose Ticket in Missouri

Driving on Shoulder (Municipal Only) Ticket in Missouri

Driving Over Curb Ticket in Missouri

Driving Over Sidewalk Ticket in Missouri

Driving Through Barricade Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Driving Wrong Side of Road Ticket in Missouri

Eluding Police Officer Ticket in Missouri

Endanger Welfare of Child Ticket in Missouri (State Only)

Engage in Speed Competition Ticket in Missouri

Erratic Speed Excess Vehicle Noise–Squeal Tire Ticket in Missouri

Excessive Passenger Violation Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Obey RR Device/Officer Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Remain in Moving Vehicle Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Report an Accident Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Slow at RR Crossing Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Stop at RR Crossing Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Stop for School Bus Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Stop Before RR Cross Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Yield Right of Way Ticket in Missouri

Fail to Yield Ticket in Missouri

Failed to Reduce Speed Ticket in Missouri

Failure to Dim Lights Ticket in Missouri

Failure to Keep Right Ticket in Missouri

Failure to Sound Horn Ticket in Missouri

Failure to Stay on Pavement Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Failure/Improper Signal Ticket in Missouri

Fictitious /Alt License Ticket in Missouri

Fishtailing Ticket in Missouri

Following too Close Ticket in Missouri

Follow with Insufficient Space Ticket in Missouri

Gave False Info to Officer Ticket in Missouri

Hot-Rodding Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Improper Start From Parked Position Ticket in Missouri

Impeding Traffic movement Ticket in Missouri

Improper Backing Improper Ticket in Missouri

Emerging From Drive Ticket in Missouri

Improper Lane Ticket in Missouri

Improper Passing Ticket in Missouri

Improper Turn Ticket in Missouri

Inattentive/Negligent/Careless Driving Ticket in Missouri

Increased Speed When Passed Ticket in Missouri

Insufficient Space to Dr Thru RR Ticket in Missouri

Insufficient Clearance RR Cross Ticket in Missouri

Interfere With Officer/Traffic System Ticket in Missouri

Leave Main Portion of Roadway Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Motor Fuel Theft Ticket in Missouri (State Only)

No License in Possess or No License on Demand Ticket in Missouri

Obstructing Traffic Ticket in Missouri

Operate ATV/UTV Under Influence of Alcohol/Drug Ticket in Missouri

Operate ATV/UTV with Passenger Ticket in Missouri

Op Off-Hwy Vehicle on Roadway Ticket in Missouri

Open Car Door into Traffic Ticket in Missouri

Operated ATV-Under Age of 16 Ticket in Missouri

Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Headlights Ticket in Missouri

Operating Where Prohibited Ticket in Missouri

Overtake/Strike Rear of Vehicle Ticket in Missouri

Present Another’s License as Own Ticket in Missouri

Prohibited U Turn Ticket in Missouri

Riding Sidesaddle–Motorcycle Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Texting While Driving Ticket in Missouri

Traffic Turn/Signal Violation Ticket in Missouri

Unauthorized Lane Use Ticket in Missouri

Violation of Instruction Permit Ticket in Missouri

Violation of Restricted License Ticket in Missouri

Violated Open Container Law Ticket in Missouri (Municipal Only)

Warning of Radar Ticket in Missouri

Weaving Ticket in Missouri

Wrong Direction–Divided Street Ticket in Missouri

Wrong Direction–One Way Street Ticket in Missouri






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